XWIZEX - Top Albums 2013

Alright I've got no time, 2014 is already busy as fuck. So I snatched the list of the most played albums according to my LAST.FM account, and that's it, no tricks, just the ugly truth ... Oh yeah, and I'm speaking suddenly english for no apparent reason ...

1 - FALL OUT BOY – Save Rock and Roll
Comeback of the year ! Love it or hate it, this record just got eve-ry-thin-g in it ! They can mix whatever music styles they want with every people they want (here with Elton John, Courtney Love) and it's always working ! GENIUSES !

Pop-punk record of the year for me ! Definitely ! Sorry THE WONDER YEARS. (Alright alright, FCC released this one in 2012, but I never heard of this band until like spring '13 - an hidden gem that's what this is !)

I co-designed a skateboard for these dudes, so I listened to their last record over and over again to get inspiration during the drawing-sessions. A pretty various record, which is always a good point when it comes to punk-rock albums ... Wink wink you know what I mean.

Southern California all-star noise band sets the bar high and never stop destroying people's hear on tour everyday everywhere, if you missed them in 2013 too bad for y'all. Probably the best album name too ...

5- NORMA JEAN – Wrongdoers
10 years later this band still got it ! While we're at it, think about that : NORMA JEAN NEVER DID A CRAPPY RECORD ! NEEEEEVER !

6 - MIXTAPES – Ordinary Silence
So catchy I didn't even realised I listened to it that much !

Yeah, if haters didn't already hate enough : FOB drops a "punk-hardcore" record to make the punk police around the internet go cray cray. Everybody will tell you it sucks, even if these people didn't even listen to the damn thing. Fall Out Boy kings of the punk cred-trolls or what ?!

8 - TYLER, THE CREATOR – Wolf - Deluxe Edition
Jazzy horror-rap with some emo in it. I didn't see that one coming !

9 - STATE CHAMPS - The Finer Things
Even if these guys looks like they're 16 years old, they effortelessly drops the second best pop-punk album of year ...

10 - ATTILA – About That Life
Didn't listened a lot of metalcore this year, maybe the genre is dead/stagnant or whatever, but this one right here is dope ! This whole album is so dumb it sounds like THE LONELY ISLAND doing metalcore, how can I NOT love it ?

11 - MASKED INTRUDER - s/t (the Fat Wreck re-issue obviously)
Great concept / great tunes / great live shows ... They probably deserve a Grammy or something, damn ...

12 - CHUNK ! NO CAPTAIN CHUNK ! - Pardon My French
When everyone (I mean me) thought easycore were dead, Hopeless Rds sign these french dudes, put them in the US roads for months and send them to record with the dude responsible for crabcore and basically all the metalcore post-2008 ... And against all odds* ... it seriously kicks some fesses !!!

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